Microsoft SUB-150 Licensing Agreement

Microsoft recently launched its SUB-150 licensing package in response to
SITAs Amended License and Services Framework Agreement.

The Amended Framework Agreement offers reduced pricing of Microsoft Software
Solutions to organs of state with licenses below 150 users, known as the Microsoft
Sub-150 package. This is designed to make the Microsoft Software Solutions
more affordable to small and medium size organs of state.

As a Microsoft Licencing Service Provider, EOH has been contracted to help with the roll-out and implementation of the Microsoft SUB-150 license package to organs of state across the country.

1. We are able to provide considerable cost savings
2. We help you identify the best services for your organisation
3. We implement those services and platforms seamlessly into your organisation
4. We increase productivity and achieve immediate efficiency and impact.

Please see our SERVICES section below for more details on what EOH can provide as your Licensing Service Provider.


EOH will conduct a cost savings analysis of your current agreements so that Microsoft can determine your savings on the SUB-150 package before finalising your new agreement in line with the Framework.

We will then transition you through the process, including managing any requirements for registration with SITA and license renewal formalities.


November 2019

The amended agreement is valid until the end November 2019. Small and medium size organisations are being encouraged to leverage this agreement at the earliest possible date to benefit from the huge cost savings this will bring.

Please be aware there is a strict renewal timeline of 30 days prior to the expiry date of your existing agreement, beyond which your organisation will no longer be eligible for the renewed pricing arrangement.

Our Services

EOH Microsoft Productivity Solutions

Contracts Lifecycle Management

EOH understand that government departments, corporations and SME’s manage hundreds of contracts with vendors, customers, and suppliers – often without a formal contracts management system. As a result, inaccuracies and inefficiencies can occur.

The EOH Contract Lifecycle Management solution helps to manage, track, review and report on all contracts by automating and simplifying all business processes that are associated with creating and managing contracts or legally binding agreements.

Implementing Contract Lifecycle Management can lead to significant improvements in cost savings and efficiency.

Some of the ways the Contracts Lifecycle Management solution can benefit your organisation include:

  • Reducing cost in managing the life cycle of contracts
  • Managing an electronic central contracts repository
  • Managing and reducing the possibility for corruption and mismanagement

Contact our team to find out more: or 084 442 8070.

Leave Management

Most government departments struggle with the burden of manual, paper-based leave management systems, making it difficult to monitor staff absence and open to abuse and mismanagement.

The EOH Leave Management Solution simplifies the complete leave application and leave management process using electronic forms and defined workflow processes to manage, track and automate leave management.

Implementing Leave Management can help simplify the Leave process and significantly improve your organization’s governance and compliance reporting.

Some of the ways the Leave Management Solution can benefit your organisation include:

  • Ensuring Leave is managed according to regulations
  • Leave applications can be tracked and reported on, and will not be lost or misplaced
  • Full audit reporting on Leave applications

Contact our team to find out more: or 084 442 8070.

Case Management

In most Municipalities the only mechanism for citizens or other entities to resolve issues or engage the Municipality regarding topics such as service delivery is through case management mechanisms, which are typically handled by the Personal Assistant (PA) of the Mayor.

This results in challenges around human based manual process and poor document management and traceability.

The goal of the case management solution is to assist Municipalities to realize the maximum value from their Microsoft technology investment and help them move forward toward a Smart Municipality Vision.

The implementation of a case management solution will provide a Municipality with the following benefits

  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness of administration.
  • Improved provision of basic services to the community.
  • Improve community confidence in local government.

Contact our team to find out more:
or 084 442 8070.

EOH Optima Asset Analytics Solutions

Software Asset Management as a Service (SAMaaS)

Organisations invest heavily in software and licensing assets however, they are not always able to unlock the value the Software was initially purchased for. Software Asset Management as a Service (“SAM as a Service”) is a solution offered by EOH to help your organisation achieve real value from its IT.

The EOH Optima team includes Software Architects, Consultants, Support Engineers and Licensing Specialists who can provide support to your organisation in the following areas: IT Asset Inventory Management, Software License Management, Software Asset Management, Asset Tracking Software, and Dashboards and Reporting.

EOHs ‘SAM as a Service’ can help your organisation unlock the value in your Software and License assets and optimise licensing spend.

EOH Optima is designed to deliver the following benefits to your organisation:

  • Manage and monitor software and hardware assets
  • Manage the complete IT assets lifecycle
  • Provide proactive software advisory services

Contact our team to find out more: on 084 442 8070.

EOH Microsoft Platform Solutions

SQL Server Environment Assessment

Many government organisations embarking on a digital transformation journey are hampered with old legacy systems, making it hard for those organisations to realise the full capability of modern database frameworks.

To help you on your transformation journey, EOH offer an SQL Server Environment Assessment which analyses your current database environment and provides a recommendation of how to optimize your database. By running this assessment, EOH can provide you with an in-depth view of your database and your future possibilities.

Optimising your database environment can improve organisational performance and create significant cost benefits

Benefits to your organisation include:

  • Insights on how to consolidate or modernize your database environment
  • Cost and performance benefits achieved through full use of database environment
  • Improved stability and disaster recovery capability in the database environment

Contact our team to find out more: or 084 442 8070.

SQL Performance Tuning & Optimisation

Many government organisations face the challenge of managing end-user expectations while running growing workloads on poorly performing IT systems.

The EOH SQL Performance Tuning & Optimisation Solution is designed to improve performance of your database. We follow a simple process where our SQL specialists collect the required data, assess it, and then provide recommendations. A plan of action is agreed upon and then implemented on your behalf.

Database optimisation improves end-user experience while enhancing service delivery.

Business Benefits:

  • Improved business application performance, processes and service delivery
  • Improved end-user experience and productivity
  • Improved platform stability and performance

Contact our team to find out more: or 084 442 8070.

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Contact our team to find out more: on 084 442 8070